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I’m an Industrial Engineer from Guatemala. Join me on my Data Science journey!

Predict whether a Blight Ticket will be Paid using Machine Learning and Python.

Blight violations in the city of Detroit have been an increasingly dificult problem to solve. Every year the City of Detroit issues millions of dollars in fines to residents, many of which remain unpaid, adding up to more than $70,000,000 in unpaid fines. Enforcing these fines is extremely costly, because it forces the city to spend time and valuable resources to get it’s citizens to comply to a law that shouldn’t even exist.

Blighted properties are physical spaces or structures that exist in a state that is not only not beneficial, but detrimental to its surroundings. …

Applied Plotting, Charting and Data Representation using Python

Today we will be using Python’s built-in libaries, Matplotlib and Pandas, to analyze and compare how a region’s GDP compares to its neighboring areas over a specific timeframe.

Specifically we will be comparing Michigan’s GDP against it neighbouring states’ GDP over the last 23 years.

For this proyect we will be using Python’s Pandas and Matplotlib built-in libraries to analyze, compare and ultimately visualize Michigan’s GDP against Ohio’s, Indiana’s and Winsonsin’s respective GDPs.

To do this we will start by looking up publicly accessible datasets. These could be links to files such as CSV or Excel files, or links to…

Fernando Suárez

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